This series of paintings is about ordinary people involved in the ritual of everyday life. My characters inhabit a very small world. Their vision is not global, knowledge is personal and experiential.

However, this is not the one-dimensional tedium of reality television. These characters are layered and complex. Some are seen in dreamscape, some are framed with subtext and memory, fantasy, and fear. I leave it to the viewer to decide what is real.

As always, my work is strongly influenced by religious iconography. In some ways I am a daughter of the visionary artists of a hundred years ago, such as William Blake and Odilon Redon and Rene Magritte. My paintings are fraught with symbolism and desire like those of Henri Rousseau. I see the visible as something intensely enigmatic. But I, like my cast of characters, am a product of contemporary New Orleans. I am fascinated with the quirky narrative of Douglas Bourgeois and Jacqueline Bishop. I saw the exhibit “Passionate Visions” more times than I can count. My work is, of course, not exactly like any of these, but these are some of the images that drive my hand.